Sprite Spark
Music Mixer & Studio

Sprite’s Spark Music Mixer was a global music-mixing Facebook project that allowed users to blend beats and music clips to create unique songs. The music mixer worked across the US and multiple global markets with versions optimized for basic mobile through smartphone and desktop. Watch the case study or read the press release.

Sprite’s Spark Studio was the companion global movie-mixing Facebook project that allowed users to blend movie genres, characters and styles. Four separate films were created that could be combined in any number of ways and then recombined depending on the users’ choices and options, allowing users to create over 500 possible films. With AKQA. Directed by Arnaud & Jerome, Passion Pictures. Read the press release.

Spark Music Mixer

Spark Film 1

Spark Film

Spark Film

Spark Film 3

Spark Film 5


  • Date: 2009
  • Client: SPRITE | BBH NY + AKQA
  • US and Global markets: Social, Mobile