Lunesta® Project Luna

Insomnia is a public health epidemic affecting 70 million Americans. Lack of sleep increases one’s risk of diabetes, depression, hypertension and cancer. Yet sales of LUNESTA, the leading prescription sleep aid, were declining as consumers looked for more holistic sleep solutions or turned to generic alternatives. To grow the business, LUNESTA needed to go beyond just talking about the pill and help people create healthier sleep habits. The solution was Project Luna, a program that provided education, tools, and support that anyone could use to get a better night’s sleep. site, rich media and standard online ads, CRM, emails, TV, Print, OOH. with HAUS. Luna Tracker iOS and Android with The Nerdery.

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  • Date: 2013
  • Client: Sunovion | Deutsch
  • URL:
  • US Market: Branded and non-branded sites, App iOS and Android, Rich and Standard Media, Emails
  • Awards:
    Medical Marketing & Media Awards 2013 Gold