Jägermeister 56 Parts

Few people know that Jägermeister is made from 56 harmoniously balanced roots, fruits, herbs and spices. Or that it’s one of the most well-crafted drinks on the planet. So to tell that story, Jäger and Deutsch teamed up with illustrators Olivia Knapp, Yeaaah! Studio and DKNG Studios. The goal: Create three amazing 3-D installations — each crafted from exactly 56 pieces of wood that are cut, carved, lasered, etched, sanded, painted and puzzled together. Like the shot, they are “56 Parts. Best As One.” The result: A campaign as well-crafted as the stuff inside the bottle.

For the digital space, how does this campaign of old-fashioned craft and art exist as modern media? Through site content, interactive web experiences, and stop-motion social posts that turn each piece of wooden art into living, moving, breathing works of art.

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  • Date: 2015
  • Client: Jägermeister | Deutsch Inc.
  • US MARKET: Rich media ad units, Standard online ads, Social, Site content