Fearless in Fourteen

January 31, 2014 / Agencies, Production

From Speaking Deutsch January 2014 – It’s a new year. A fresh start. Another opportunity to embrace being more fearless in this year of dynamic change.

The world continues to evolve. The digital revolution is still in progress and will match, if not exceed, the impact of the industrial revolution. Not all ad agencies will make it through this time, as change often brings about fear to those less willing to innovate their way forward.

As a producer in this digital era, there is no possible way for me to know how to produce every type of work from the onset. Technology changes and evolves constantly and fast. To excel, I have to work in a space that lacks the permanent comfort of the familiar and the safe. However, the constant state of change keeps things interesting and full of challenges. Following are some guiding principles that I’m happy to share:

Start with “yes.” Take a chance and explore. Innovation never starts with “no.”
Collaborate. It is not just the key to great digital. It is the key to making everything great.
Find power in opposition. Production is both the art of creation and an act of war. The tension between these opposites creates energy that can propel us forward.
Be the navigator. There is no ultimate road map to new places or for making new things, but roads and plans already exist. Map them for your team.
Test and repeat. Prototype, test and refine across all stages so you’re continually learning.

Even with these principles, fear will arise at times. Use it to your advantage and turn it into a motivator. It’s only a challenge to overcome. Besides, fear is proof that you are in new territory – and that is always good.

From Speaking Deutsch January 2014